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 Friday, 17th December 2010, 17:13:13

Cloud computing revenues to reach £134.6 billion by 2015, firm predicts

Cloud computing revenues to reach £134.6 billion by 2015, firm predicts

Cloud computing revenues are set to soar by nearly five times by 2015 as more businesses look for cost-saving benefits in their computer departments.

Pike predicts that revenues from the technology will reach $210.3 billion (£134.6 billion) by 2015, up from $46 billion last year as global demand for cloud computing grows.

Furthermore, it predicts that companies will look to use cloud computing in an attempt to reduce their carbon footprint, through storing more data off-site.

Christopher Stark, IT president and chief executive officer for Cetrom, said that the desire to be green is one of the reasons why businesses are so taken by cloud.

"Over the last couple of years, we have retired well over a thousand servers from the premises of new clients that migrated to our cloud computing platform," he said.

Technology firm ThinkGrid said last month that cloud computing can also be ideal during wintery weather as "hosted desktops can be accessed from anywhere in the world".

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