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 Wednesday, 24th August 2011, 14:14:02

Mobile broadband and traffic management industries urged to work together

Mobile broadband and traffic management industries urged to work together

Employees who use mobile broadband to carry out tasks in out of office locations as part of cloud services strategies could be affected by recent proposals from Strategy Analytics.

A new report from the research and consulting organisation has advised telecommunications companies to work alongside the traffic management industry in a bid to meet the needs of mobile operators.

The Mobile Broadband Policy and Traffic Management - Industry Consolidation Coming? document examines where consolidation between industries is most likely, as well as examination of the major tactics used by vendors.

Sue Rudd, director of service provider analysis, said: "As service providers race to optimise capacity that will satisfy mobile broadband demand, policy management has changed from a passive network tool to a strategic business weapon."

In addition, Ms Rudd suggested that industry players need to join forces on a permanent basis in a bid to test solutions to increase capacity by 50 per cent in a cost-effective manner.

New capabilities for mobile broadband users have also been put forward as an important factor in meeting demand for reliable connections and remote working locations.

Susan Welsh de Grimaldo, director of mobile broadband opportunities claimed there were three specific areas where innovative opportunities required consolidation, including personalisation for new data services.

"Policy tools can now directly modify data plans and pricing instantaneously in order to create a myriad of user-driven options that simultaneously enhance user experience and operator profits," she remarked.

Additionally, Ms Welsh de Grimaldo suggested industry mergers make changes to billing options, as well as the optimisation of applications and media.

The suggestions emerge after new research conducted by BBC News suggested that networks had a long way to go before 3G would provide substantial coverage to mobile broadband users across the UK.

Its crowd-sourcing survey claimed the country still featured a high number of notspots, including major towns and cities, despite claims from telecoms companies suggesting 90 per cent or more coverage.

Posted by Phil Williams

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